How Does it Work?

1. Connect the right cables up


2. Set options in control room


3. Your Fobot ready for action



You now have an information display that you don’t have to touch again! It can be controlled anywhere in the world via the web interface.

Note: The service is currently in private beta,  you can apply here to join the program.


Frequent Questions:

Do I need any technical knowledge to use the service?

No! You just need to be able to plug a few things in and follow simple directions to set your devices up. Once you log in to the Control Room you should be able to work it out quickly, without any prior knowledge.

What kind of internet connection do I need?

Ethernet is the most stable way to connect. You can also use Wi-Fi if you order a dongle from us. In remote locations, 3G may be possible.

What if my internet connection goes down sometimes?

Your Fobot has an internal memory, your display will continue to run based on the info it received before the connection went down. When the connection comes back, it will get the latest info and continue happily!

What kind of screen / monitor do I need?

You can use any screen that has either HDMI or DVI inputs (nearly all modern screens do). Full HD is good if you can get it. Any size should work fine, from 20″ to 50″ or beyond.

What options do I have for controlling the devices?

You can login to the web interface and control what your devices are doing from anywhere! You can check the current status, change what they are displaying, turn the screen on or off, etc.

How much does a display cost in electricity to run?

Not much! Based on the average electricity costs in the United States, running a Fobot continuously 24/7 will cost you $4 per year. Your average modern 20″ – 30″ monitor running 12 hours per day will cost about $10 – $20 per year to run.

What is coming next for the platform?

We have many exciting things in development. We are currently working on creating more displays and data source options.